Narrative body

Souffle Provisoire (2016)

dance film  10min

Choreographer Johanna Henritius

Director Julien Gonthier

Dancers Anna Blackwell, Cristina Garcia, Asier Edeso, Lucas Threefoot

A short dance film inspired by Françoise Sagan’s book "Les merveilleux nuages" and the challenges facing her female character. By combining the body and the expression with film making, Souffle Provisoire focuses on the use of dance as a medium to express emotion. Filmed in Nice France against the Mediterranean scenery and Sea, it draws inspiration from its surroundings and natural elements. It searches the truth and honesty of feelings, which are not acted, but instead brought to life and made real. Moments that are alive and moving, even if it is at most for only a short breath.

Showcased at Festival Mars aux Musées 20eme édition (2019), Mostra Viva del Mediterrani (2018) in Valencia Spain, the dance festival Les Deux Terres (2016) and the film festival Weekend tout court(s)(2016) in Cannes.

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