Research, practice, create - Ways to interact with moving realities

Narrative body explores different forms of contemporary dance, visual arts and performance and proposes regular training and workshops for dancers in South of France. We have collaborated with international and local artists to create contemporary dance pieces:

Astray (2019-2020), The Other Me (2021-2022), Walssi (2022) and TOM Ext. (2023).

Hi I'm Johanna!

A contemporary dancer-choreographer from Helsinki, Finland. Teacher, Master of Arts and PhD candidate in dance research, I'm interested in ways to approach contemporary dance through different somatic and energetic practices, in order to keep questioning the way we dance and interact with movement. My studies include Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera, Royal Swedish Ballet school, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (S.E.A.D)., University of Côte d'Azur, and other international exchanges such as ImPulsTanz. I was assistant chor. for Cie M/N Margarita Nagel for creations Eija (2014), Values at Least (2015), Inline Analysis (2017), Ein Tag Zu Zweit (2017), film AM (2018), Projections (2019), before I created Narrative body in 2020.

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