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Premiere  A S T R A Y 

March 12th 2019 

We are happy to announce our participation at the Festival Femmes en Scènes - 11e édition - Espace Magnan with the création ASTRAY: a collaboration between Johanna Henritius, Emma Terno and Claire Camous - A festival supporting the contemporary art and female artists in South of France.


IDOCDE (2018) - ImPulsTanz Vienna 

6th IDOCDE Symposium - ImPulsTanz

Vienna 27th -29th July 2018

I will be participating at the ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna as a co-speaker during the 6th IDOCDE Symposium of Contemporary Dance Education. ImPulsTanz provides each year, next to the practical exchange and development programmes, also the possibility for theoretical exchange in diverse symposia. The program is available here:

6th IDOCDE Symposium – Summer 2018 You are here!


10 days of hard work and beautiful people in Vienna! The IDOCDE residency has come to it's end so it's time to get cracking with some new blog posts. First one is about the MDT Lab that I attended during the first weekend. In this two-day research laboratory we were presented with the digital publication READ >>

I'm currently working on another article and a video footage of the Symposium, which should be online by the end of September...!



Johanna  Henritius

I'am a Finnish dancer - researcher and PhD candidate at University Côte d'Azur. I graduated as Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. Before this, I studied at the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera, the Royal Swedish Ballet School and in Salzburg  Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). As an artist, I have danced in Finland, Sweden, Austria and Germany and France. I'm currently working with Celaine Company and my latest work experience includes contemporary dance pieces Inline Analysis (2017), Ein Tag Zu Zweit (2017) and the dance film AM (2018). 

A central theme of my doctoral research is to tackle the conceptual and methodological problems concerning the meeting point of dance and spirituality. As a member of the research laboratory CTEL, I pursue my doctorate under the direction of Marina Nordera and Federica Fratagnoli. In my research blog, I share projects, seminars, articles and thoughts related to my field of study # practice based research, choreographic processes, somatic education, documentation, energy healing techniques, spirituality


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selection of articles

Getting prepared for the IDOCDE Symposium

In two weeks I will be in Vienna for the ImPulsTanz festival.

Intervention journée d'etudes 

In my recent speech I was talking about how to put into words the energetic experience

Recherches en danse nr 6

An insight to the sixth edition of the journal

AdiE Survey Report

A study of the experiences and perceptions of artistic doctorates


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