Hi I'm Johanna!

A contemporary dancer originally from Finland. Teacher, Master of Arts and PhD candidate, I'm interested in the meeting point of dance and spirituality/creation and somatic practices, in my artistic work and research. I studied at the Finnish National Opera's Ballet school, The Royal Swedish Ballet School and S.E.A.D.  For the past ten years I have been working in Sweden, Finland, Austria, Germany and France. Since 2014, I have been in close collaboration with german choregrapher Margarita Nagel (cie M/N) as assistant chor.

The concept "narrative body" was created to englobe the artistic research I have been practicing for the last nine years in contemporary dance, energetic healing techniques and body therapies - an artist's statement for changing the way we dance and interact with moving realities and energies.

contemporary dance training

online videos, Zoom classes and professional training for contemporary dancers and movers

work in progress

art work by elise leleu

the other me (2021)

Currently in residency. Duo for dancers Claire Camous and Chloé Hennemann. Artistic collaboration with Elise Leleu. 

Coming soon March 2021 !

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